Well here I am, the journey to Ireland was very interesting and the welcome at Cow House the warmest; the next 10 weeks promise so much. To start with let me introduce myself by telling you a little bit about who I am and what I do. My name is Antony Clarkson, and as you may, or may not, know I am a professional artist, based in Manchester, UK. I work mainly in sculpture and installation, but I also draw, paint and do some photography; often the lines between these disciplines are blurred, which is why I just call myself an artist rather than a sculptor or a painter. My work has been exhibited in the UK and at the Finnish Academy of Fine Art in Helsinki, and I will be exhibiting new work in shows in Ireland in 2012. I am also currently working on a new public art commission which is due for completion in the early summer of 2012.

For the present I am just starting on a 10 week residency for international artists at Cow House Studios in Co. Wexford, Ireland; http://www.cowhousestudios.com/index.html , and through this site I will be talking to whoever is interested about what is happening here, my work and thoughts and hopefully getting some feed back on all of this. Well, I’ve literally just arrived and set my computer up, so now I’m going for a bit of a walk around and hopefully I will get chance to add some more later.

So, I’ve had something of a wander around the immediate area to start to get a feel of the place, it is such a beautiful location, but I’m sure that you will realise that for yourself as this site progresses. I’ve started taking a few pictures, mainly as a resource for myself, but it would be selfish to just hang onto them so look forward to some of them appearing on here; and to start with above is an images of the studios themselves, complete with resident peacocks.