Whilst I am on this residency I will be doing a number of things; the first and probably most important is thinking about my work. It may seem a little strange to some people that I place ” thinking about my work” before “making new work” in a list of priorities, but the answer is simple, my work is thought, the things you may see exhibited are merely projection of those thoughts into the real word. So that covers the second thing on the list too, “making new work”! The next things I will be doing are recording and sharing what I am doing, this is where this site and hopefully you come in: if you have any thoughts or comments please feed them back to me, I would love to hear them.

Many of you may not yet be familiar with my art, so perhaps some images as a way of an introduction might help, but I’m not going to go down the obvious root of showing you my previous work immediately; to start with I am going to show you some of the photos that I have just taken and then introduce images of older work where appropriate as the site progresses. I’m doing this because one of the main ideas behind this residency and indeed this site is to develop new work and I would like to try to take you along with me as I use them to develop this new work.

 One of the main things that you may have noticed is how these images rely on the idea of the multiple; the repetition of an object. This is something that I have noticed finding its way into my work, it is not something that I was intentionally trying to introduce: but now that it has arrived I am happy to experiment with it. The thing that has been a feature of my work for sometime is the notion of the “infra-ordinary”, the use of the everyday in art, not in quite the same way as found objects; this is much more about noticing the mundanities that make everyday life…everyday and therefore real.