That all got rather deep yesterday didn’t it, but it’s good for me to reiterate those things sometimes: I know what it is that I do from instinct, but it can sometimes be hard to explain it to other people so being able to write in out like that is a definite bonus. However there is something which I only mentioned in passing yesterday that it might be as well fo me to expand upon before I go any further; situation-specific art. So what is it and how does is it and how does it differ from site specific art? Well, the way that I think about it is that it isn’t just about the space, it is also about what the space contain, which is why I refer to it as an environment. But there is another important difference for me and that is all about the time factor; not about how long I have to produce the work in, (although that could be an influence). No, it is more about the occasion of my meeting with the environment, the juncture at which we come together.

If I had come to an environment a day earlier or a day later something may have been different about it; an object may have been added or removed. Likewise a day earlier or later I may be different; I may,or may not, have encountered something that changes the way I think.

Mind you there is an element of my work that I didn’t refer to yesterday, as I said it all got a bit serious and this may seem less so, but is an equally important factor that should be remembered in this kind of work. It is the area of PLAY. Whatever else I am doing I am definitely playing,I guess you could call it serious play.

The piece shown in the photo above is something which I am “playing” with at the moment; entitled Difference and Repetition it uses materials found in the studios, a dozen painting easels, two standard lengths of timber and a spirit-level. As I say I am still playing with the piece, so this may not be its final outcome, but that is the beauty of being an artist in residence in a place like this, I can set up a large-scale sculpture/installation and revisit over a period of time , making adjustments to it, playing with it.