Today has been a day much more about drawing that the others so far. I still maintain that to be able to draw well is a fundamental skill which all visual artists should possess and practice. Apart from the situation specific work which I am producing here in the studio I am also working on the commission for a large piece of public sculpture: it will still be situation specific, but it is a permanent piece and so much more complex than the spontaneous pieces which I am working on at the here at the moment and as I have to work to a deadline for it, doing a lot of the preparatory drawings and designs for it out here is ideal. At this stage I really don’t want to include any of this work on here, although I may as it progresses. The things which I am putting on here are pieces which are very close to completion, even though I may say that I am still playing with them, and as such I feel they are more ready to be put in the public domain and to maybe hear some feed back on them.

As I say these are very much design drawings and perhaps not the kind of thing that people would like to see on this site so I have chosen instead to add an image of the internal structure of a plinth which I have found in the studio, it is really a work of art in itself and actually cries out to be included in an exhibition somewhere as a ready-made! As I have said I have noticed a subconscious trend towards this kind of structure in my work recently and would like to explore it more. Perhaps I will get a series of thumbnails of some of my work showing these features together and put them on here to think about.