Once again I’ve been mainly drawing today, a lot of construction drawings for a couple of different projects that I will be working on back in Manchester in the New Year. Hopefully I should catch up with a lot of these over the weekend and be able to start to build things again next week. The weather here has taken a bit of a turn here, very cloudy and cold, little bit of wind, not the most inspiring to get out and explore the possibilities of the surrounding area much, but it is really beautiful around here so I will have to make that a priority for next week. in the meantime I have added a photo which I took a couple of days ago, just to make you jealous!

I intend to walk up into the woods and mountains quite a lot and consider doing some new work in-situ whilst I am there; the only problem is how to pitch the work, I don’t want it to end up looking like an “Andy Goldsworthy”. Nothing against his work but his work is his work and mine is mine. The problem is if I start to used found materials in a country environment the way I do in a city one they could end up similar. Still, that is probably too much prejudgment, for now I just need to get out there and get on with it. There is a large pine forest on the slopes of the mountain immediately behind the studio with quite a lot of logging going on, perhaps there is something to be looked at in there. It would be an interesting prospect to work with some large-scale installation work using found materials in their own environment. Much like the work that exists at Grizedale Arts in the sculpture trail, http://www.grizedale.org/ . Please note the links, I will be adding them throughout this site to places and things of interest where appropriate.