As I have said previouly I have resently become very aware of a subconsious trend towards structures and grinds within a lot of my resent work. Well, I’ve been looking at some more of the photos I’ve been taking of over-laying lines and structures, like the one below of the shadow thrown by a gate on the long grass. They remind me of some paintings which I did some time ago and have I thought about revisiting the idea on a few occasions. It is interesting how often these overlaying grids arise in nature, I really must re-read my Rosalind Krauss when I get back home; that’s the only problem with being somewhere like this, not having access to my own library. (see; Krauss Rosalind E. “Grids”, from,  The Originality of the Avant-Garde and Other Modernist Myths, MIT Press, 1993, pgs 8-22).

I do love the way the blades of grass in light and shade cut across the next section, in close up the shadows start to look like ploughed furrows in the grass or even tire tracks.

Plus I just love how green it all is, sometimes its just the simple things!