As you can see I’ve been back in the studio “playing with things” today, it’s great here for anything like this, there are shelves and shelves of boxes with thing like this in them, it’s a joy to an artist like me. It might well be than none of these small pieces will ever really see the light of day; not beyond this site anyway. But you never know they may do. I still particularly like Self portrait with Jenga, I could see that going into an exhibition somewhere. Curators hate it when I put pieces like that in shows, because they are just balanced so you really can’t let anyone near them.

The real value of doing this kind of work though is where it might lead. As I am an artist who works in a studio most of the time it is the things around me in there that I look to most often, the ordinary things that surround me and as I have said before it then becomes about recognising their potential. And with this in mind I thought I would now start to introduce some of my past work to help to put this into context. So below I have a situation-specific piece I made for a show last year: Work in Progress. Here it was the very structure of the space combined with the furniture there that was the inspiration.