Today has been a good day. Actually over the last couple of days I have felt that I am really hitting my stride, it hasn’t been to bad but because of other commitments I haven’t been able to spend as much time in my own studio as usual so it has really been good to come out here and do nothing but my own work for such an extended period of time. As I have said previously, i am often inspired to work with the everyday objects which i find around me. Recently this has manifested itself as an interest in stationery and particularly stationery in its most generic form, HB pencils, blue biros and particularly A4 paper. I’m not going to say too much about the direction that this work is taking at the moment other than to say that it is very much connected to A4, as you can see below.

As I say this isn’t the first time that I have been interested in A4 paper, although the last time I used it was used in collaboration with HB pencils in the piece Mary’s Table; which I have already posted a detail of on here. Now here is a full photo of the piece. This piece was created for an exhibition called Workhouse which took place at the Hive Building in Manchester in April 2010. In the exhibition I also created a new major situation-specific installation called Pilgrimage, this is a piece I will talk more about at a later date in the context of other work. The exhibition was curated by the Scottish artist Naomi Lethbridge and was an exhibition of “Work On A Theme of Intensive Labour”. Another of the artists who took part has documented part of the exhibition on her blog and so I will add the link to that: