It has been quite odd, I flew out here just over a week ago in pretty grim, Autumn weather. Since then the UK has been hit by a heat wave, but this unfortunately hasn’t extended to Southern Ireland, which I told is usually refered to as the “Sunny South-East”. Well this cloud settled on the mountain on Tuesday and has shown no sign of lifting since! Still I’m not really here for the weather, I have been spending most of my time in the studio thinking about my work and how it is progressing, although I did have a brief foray out with Frank to the DIY shed in New Ross earlier, just to see what they stock; although I did pick up a few bits which you may see finding their way into new pieces over the next few days. I often find places like that very inspirational, its amazing the items in a place like that which I can see new possibilities in.

I am still looking at the possibilities of A4 paper, I  subject which could probably occupy the rest of my life if I let it. But I also once again looking at it in regard to using it in drawing machines or potential sculptures with drawing at their heart. I was once again considering putting together an A4 block of pencils and was looking at how I could potentially clamp them with corner clamps; that idea is still on going, but during the process, as often happens I came up with something else. Restrained A4 is the title of this new piece, the boundaries of a sheet of A4 are outlined and constrained by 4 off-cuts of plywood held together by the corner clamps; thus restraining the paper and stopping it expanding into A3 and beyond!