Last night was very interesting and productive, Shiro’s presentation of his work was extremely insightful. His actual background is in architecture, which did come across in his work but not as strongly as I had expected it too. The result of this being that the physical presentation of his work actually has far less in common with mine that I had expect, however his starting points and ideas really are based in a similar area. It will be interesting to see what work each of us will produce for the exhibitions next year. Mind you the same goes for all of the artists involved.

Todays image is actually on I took last week, I think it was actually the last sunny day we had; yes we did have some! It is actually the tire track left by the local school bus as it turned around in the road. Once again I was taken with its structural pattern and the way it crosses the cracks in the road and the way the shadows cross it. I would be really interested in doing an installation with different elements like this which as the cross and come together create something entirely different. Something very much like this in fact, permanent features like the cracks, which then crossed by occasional features like the wet tire tracks and the by moving features like the shadows. I also like the way the tracks come to an abrupt end at the point of the turn, I would quite like to put something like tire tracks into a gallery, it would be such a juxtaposition, perhaps, no I won’t go into that much detail yet until I have had more chance to think it through. I’ll just say that I have had an idea for a new installation which i may develop for one of the shows next year.