I will add more to this post later, but since it is the first really lovely sunrise since I go here I just wanted to share it with you as soon as I took it.

Today I have had a slight change of pace from the usual studio day, I have travelled down to Wexford town, partly to have a general look around, but also to visit the Wexford Arts Centre, http://www.wexfordartscentre.ie/,  in order to get a feel for the space where I will be exhibiting my new work next Summer. As this is to be my first show in Ireland I really want to get an in-depth rapport going with the space; of course at this stage I am really not sure what work or indeed what kind of work I will be showing there. My main reason to want get to know the space  this well is to assess the potential to produce something situation-specific for it and I would have to say that the space at Wexford has definite possibilities. It is a good-sized space which I would say is usually quite light having a row of 3 arched windows along one side; although it is darkened for the current work on show. The space also has a row of 4 stone columns along the centre; these then are its two main architectural features and it would be likely that I would take one or both of them as a starting point for any situation-specific work which I may produce there. I have in the past produced two, very different, situation-specific installations which have involved columns in spaces; I will talk more about these in future postings, and naturally enough my interest has been piqued by once again finding some in this space. I will have to spend some time reviewing the photos I took of them and the space to try to decide what potential there maybe.