I have spent a lot of my day today looking at and thinking about Difference and Repetition, a photo of which I posted on here on Day 5 . I am considering dismantling it soon so I can use the space to experiment with something else and so I wanted to be sure exactly how I feel about it before I take it down. It is generally a good piece, I like the complexity of the structure and that as a construction it came to a natural end; as in it was not physically possible to fit any more easels into it in the same pattern. It is particularly the structure around the interweaving of the legs which I like the most, I was thinking about this earlier when the sun came out and shined through one of the roof windows in the studio allowing me to take the above photo. This in a way actually shows the structure of the piece better than the actual piece itself. In a strange way it is interesting how these things work out; I have just started writing on here about how I sometimes make work based on a previous piece of work, like in the way the “blurred paintings” series started as an off-shoot from 1-2-1  and I will go into more detail about this on future occasions. I also love the texture of this photo, the fact that I think, that if you didn’t know it was a photo you could easily take it for a drawing. I love that ambiguity to be present in some of my work. Perhaps this photo is actually the outcome of the piece? I can see that I am going to have to spend another day or two considering and maybe photographing Difference and Repetition before I dismantle it.