I have chosen to start early on here today, I had already decided that today I wanted to begin by showing an image of what i consider to be the next significant paintings in the “blurs” series, 050615. At this time I will just make a quick note about titling work, when I first started this series I was content to let them be titled by however the first person who saw them described them, it was an interesting foil for a while but I always had a numbering system in place at this time aswell. I now find it interesting that I feel the paintings have out-grown those original names and work better with the numbers. The point about this is how important the title of a pice of work is; it should be realised that it is an integral part of the work, sometimes it is the work. Now when I produce work I try to let the title grow and evolve organically with the work rather than it being an addition after the fact.

The reason behind my choise of this as the next piece which I would include from my portfolio is that although it is based on another painting it isn’t one of my own. The central focus, or out of focus, of my painting is actually a Ben-Day dot from Roy Lichtenstein’s Imperfect Painting, which I was able to photograph, out of focus in the Hamburger Banhoff Gallery in Berlin in 2006. Using another artists painting, particularly one who himself was known for his Opticality in his work seemed like an interesting direction in which to take this project at this time.

The Hamburger Banhoff Gallery is  by the way a brilliant gallery, with one of the best collections of modern (not necessellary contemporary, although I believe this is changing too) art in Europe. The main thing to look out for is if they are showing any of the Friedrich Christian Flick Collection, which is an independent collection being shown by special arrangement until 2021. http://www.hamburgerbahnhof.de/text.php