So I’ve been here for 3 weeks now, this may be a good time to do some kind of review. On the whole I think everything is going very well; I have a couple of completed pieces, several in development but near completion and about three which I have just started on. I also have a pretty extensive, and growing, portfolio of new photographic work; which is something which I did not really expect to come out of this experience and so is a definite bonus. My plans for the Mary’s Table Project have come together quite well in the last day or so, but will probably slow down a little now as I will need to gather some more materials before I start construction. In consequence of this I am now going to spend a little time finishing off the project which I am now calling,  A421M,  and involves the alteration of a sheet of A4 to have the perimeter of 1m.

I have already commented briefly on this project, and shown some photos, on Day 11, but as I now want to try to complete the project I think I am more ready to open a forum on it. Basically I was struck by how close to 1m the perimeter measurement of a sheet of A4 paper is; it actually measures 1.014m. So just 14mm over the metre. I then began to think about how I could reduce the perimeter of the page and what effect that would have on that iconic, classic sheet. I originally produced two simple “cuts”, the two shown in the photo on Day 11, but from there on i started thinking about using a diagonal cut, which reduces the area of paper removed and brings in some interesting mathematics which I explored over several days and is the element which I still need to complete. In review of this project I now realise that it has split in two; the two original straight cuts,which actually may still be the most satisfactory solutions, are one part of it and the diagonal series have become something else. Each now has different problems, facets and options, particularly as regards to their exposition, perhaps I am not quite as close to the completion of this project as i thought i was when i started writing this, but that is what reviews are for.