As my work at the moment has once again become purely mathematical I have opted to show a photo I took yesterday whist out for a walk. Yes, the weather has finally improved, a bit! Well enough for me to get out of the studio for some much-needed fresh-air, working on this maths for A421M is rather hard work and gives me something of a headache! So I have shown this rather calming scene of the daisies, I didn’t think today was a day to be introducing more old work from my portfolio either as I have even more maths ahead of me today. But tomorrow I will definitely be continuing the chronology of my portfolios with another significant piece. The other thing which I am doing at the moment is starting to prepare for my artist talk, which as I have said, ties in rather well with presenting work on here and the next piece which I intend to put on here is a painting called Please Mind Your Head, it was the piece which probably redefined my art practice some 5 years ago. So I my have quite a bit to say about it.

It’s a strange morning here, quite misty over the hills in the distance, but strangely warm for an early morning in October. I have just been out taking some photos over those “misty hills” so expect to see some photos of them at some time soon. Its interesting, someone has commented on how the weather seems to affect the type of work I produce; it isn’t something that I had particularly noticed myself, but now it has been suggested to me I will watch out for it. As much of my work is environment sensetive, (situation-specific), it may well be something which I need to pay attention to. Making work in certain weather conditions which them live on as the weather changes has interesting possibilities. Thanks Anna.