So I promised to write about Please Mind Your Head today, so what do you want to know? At this time I was very interested in process painting, paintings which are much more about the act and possibly the heritage of painting rather than the subject of the painting. As you can probably tell this is where the “blurs” series came in; when I was working on them they started life as individual paintings, but by the time I was working on the second one they had already become a set, which was later to become an installed whole. When installed they occupied most of the wall space in the room I had painted them for and although they looked great I could not get away from the “voids” which existed between them; on the walls, where the door was and particularly the corners. These areas began to fascinate me and I resolved to investigate their existence by means of the painting process. I had to find a way to fill the voids, to complete the painting as it were; to me the solution to this was easy, I simply had to produce a completely circular painting with not breaks in it. A painting which would not need walls to hang it upon but would become its own space. On completion this piece was 8 feet, (2.4 metres) in diameter and up to about for or five people could fit in to view it at anyone time. When it was first shown I was in it with a group of about this size when one of them said, “it the worlds smallest private viewing”. This of course made me realise that it wasn’t the worlds smallest private viewing, that would of course be a painting which only one person could fit into, I’m sure you can guess what came next!

As any of you who may have looked at the “about” page on here may have guessed, PMYH is the piece in the photograph which I can be seen still working on. But for everyone else, here it is again.