As I had promised to write about Please Mind Your Head yesterday I didn’t get chance to put this photo up, but I didn’t want to miss it out, so a day late, here it is. Another misty,  moody start to the day. Day 25, this residency is really moving along quickly now, its hard to believe that I’m already over a third of the way through it. Having said that it has been a great and productive time in so many different ways and one of them which I really didn’t expect is doing this daily blog. I couldn’t believe that people would actually be interested in what I have to say, actually your probably not, it’s the misty photos of Southern Ireland isn’t it?

Anyway, I did my artist talk to the group last night, I survived it and it seemed to go down quite well. There is whoever little point in me putting more up about me on here, but one of the other artists, Sabina MacMahon also presented her fascinating and quirky photographic  work last night she doesn’t currently have a functioning website for me to link to, but is a really good introductory web link and I can highly recommend a googling of the name. Of course, you can also find out more via the usual link to the Cow House residency program; .

I’d also like to add a couple more links today, I know this one looks a bit like an advert, but these are really worth looking at. Andrew Trotter is on here and runs Openhouse, he finds great art links that are well worth looking at. And it was through conversation with him that I was reminded of one of my favourite installations; Mike Nelson’s The Coral Reef. watch him talk about it: