So for any of you who were wondering why this place is called the Cow House Studios, see above! This is the view from the studio window at 16:00 yesterday afternoon. If I’d wanted to I could have opened the window and stroked the nearest one, I resisted the temptation!

Today promises to be a very different and interesting one. I am going to Dublin to have a look around the galleries, but especially to go to visit Monster Truck Gallery. Tonight is the Private Viewing of The Drover Turns the Cattle, which is an exhibition of new work by the 4 artists who had residencies at Cow House Studios in 2010. It will be great to see what work these previous Cow House artists have produced in response to their time in the studios here, I’m sure it will be very simulating and insightful. I will be interested how our common frame of reference will have motivated people in different ways. Of course it will also be interesting for me to see the Monster Truck Gallery as a space which I will be exhibiting in this time next year, so I will have one eye on the work, one eye on the space and another on how the two things work together. I know that is three eyes, but most of you haven’t met me so don’t jump to conclusions!

I’m actually intending to stay in Dublin over night so that I can also get to see some of the other shows on at the  moment; the main one being the Dublin Contemporary, , about which I have heard some interesting reviews. The work on show at the Earlsfort Terrace is reported as being well worth a visit, I will no doubt have something to report back about this and any other items of interest in tomorrows update.

The Drover Turns the Cattle

Gail Cunningham

Matthew Denniss
Laurie Lax
Marisol Malatesta
15 October – 5 November

Private View Friday 14 October 6.00pm

Monster Truck Gallery
4 Temple Bar
Dublin 2
Tuesday to Saturday 12pm to 6pm