Well last nights exhibition opening of The Drover Turns the Cattle was a great success. It’s a really coherent show, which is properly thought out and works extremely within the gallery space. It’s quite apparent from the pieces shown that the artists all have sympathies with each others work; let me stress that I don’t mean this in a negative way, quite the opposite. They not in any way similar, but there is evidence of a definite bond , which I’m certain comes from being on the residency together for so long. I hope that when it is our group exhibition the same kind of harmonies will be in evidence.

Of course it was also important for me to try to get a handle on the space, both during the opening last night and when I went back this morning while it was quieter. There are definitely some interesting features which have possibilities and surprise surprise there are yet more columns! It seems everywhere I exhibit now has columns, it’s as though they are stalking me, but I can’t complain. they do have potential. But there are also some other interesting things, like the enormous window in the front, and the tiny one in the back wall. But it’s really too early to say for now, but something will arise.

I will also just give a quick mention to the Dublin Contemporary 2011, http://www.dublincontemporary.com/ , if you’re in the city it is definitely worth a visit. the Earlsfort Terrace exhibition is a fascinating space showing a diverse range of artist in a quite astonishing building. But for me the highlight was visiting The Huge Lane Gallery to see the Willie Doherty exhibition and in particular his new piece Ancient Ground. I am not always a fan of video as a medium, I think it is often miss used and over used; if you want to see someone using it correctly look at some of Mr. Doherty’s work.