Above is an early test piece for the new landscape sculptures I am working on, Although I only set it up for a quick photo, I think it has come out better than I actually expected it to. The red background is just a file which I happened to have on my desk, but it makes it look rather like the sunrise which is going on here at the moment. I decided to put this piece up on here so that I could look at it and consider it better, but also so anyone else could do the same and maybe pass on some feedback, I’m sure the final pieces will look quite different from this, still it would be good to know what people think about how the work is potentially progressing.

Although I tend to work on several projects at one time, these “chop-saw” drawings are becoming one of my main focuses. I think the main reason behind this is because they are the first works that have really been stimulated by being here on residency; the views of the local hills and mountains, particularly in profile at dawn, are obviously my starting point. But then having the chop-saw available, which I was using for something else when the idea of drawing with it occurred to me, this is another part of the process along with the wood. When I first thought of this idea I was going to use some scrap wood that is here for the furnace, but when I was looking at it I realised that there was a better material to hand and one that is even more appropriate, the log pile. Wood cut directly from the mountain side here at the Cow House, it’s a bit damp, but today I will select some pieces and dry them out to work on over the next few days. Look out for more photos to follow.