I’m not quite sure what time I’ll actually get to post this today,it’s currently 07:20 and  I’m writing this in a brief break from the workshop where I am working on one of the “wooden landscape profiles”; it looks like the adjustments I have made have paid off and that this one should really work. It’s pretty hard going though, the noise level is really bad because the saw has to be going constantly and it’s playing havoc with my back as I have to really bend into the piece all the time to see exactly where the saw is cutting. I haven’t added a photo to this post yet either, I’m really hoping that the pice I am working on will work out and that will be todays photo so that the piece and the posting will have been created in real-time and add an extra freshness to the site. Well nearly finished my tea, I guess I should get back to it.

Well I’ve finished it and I’m going to add a quick photo I’ve just take, it’s not the sharpest it could be, but the light isn’t great in here at the moment and flash really won’t work on it, but I want to get something on here now. I’m glad I managed to get an early start on this piece and get it finished, it has proved to me that I can make them work; I was starting to have my doubts, now I just need to sort out and process the images which I want to use in the others in the series. I should have some of the images I want but it may mean a walk back up the mountain soon if I don’t. Lets hope the wind dies down soon, I really don’t fancy trying if in this weather. Anyway, so does anyone out there have any thoughts or comments about this new work?

It’s still a pretty dull day but I’ve just taken this detail of the new piece outside against the sky, at least it’s shape enough to see the saw marks now. By the way I am calling it Oulart Hill from Blackstairs Mountain, I haven’t decided on the series title yet which is really the more important thing.