Well we didn’t quite have the floods that Dublin did, but a heck of a lot of rain has fallen in the last few days. Hope everyone back home is staying dry too. But as I’ve said before, at least the weather extremes have given me a good photo opportunity again, see above. Yesterday was a good productive day, I have managed to stretch one of the canvases on my diptych and I would probably have got the other one done too if I had not run out of staples, so that will be todays first job, searching Ireland for the right kind of staples. I have decided not to put images of this new piece on here yet, not because I am still concerned about it but because it relates to work  from my past portfolio which I haven’t reached yet and I would rather consider it in relation to that. I won’t be long though I will be looking at the first, in fact the first three works of this type in the portfolio tomorrow with Purple, Green and Orange.

Whilst I have been working on this piece I have come up with an idea for a sculptural piece which is actually based on the picture frame, which I have had to design specifically for it. It won’t be a very large piece, or at least the first one won’t be, although it is something which may work well in a larger size. The first one, which I may well get the chance to work on today if I continue to have problems sourcing staples, will be quite small and look quite simple, but from the tests I’ve run so far for building the frame it will be far from simple to build.

Anyway as I have decided not to show any photos of the new piece yet and for all of those of you who’ve asked for more images from the new portfolio, here’s another which I took early yesterday morning, after the rain.