Following on from the introduction yesterday of my installed spatial-paintings, and thank you for everyone’s comments about them, I thought I would leap pretty much up to date and show the variation of them which I am currently starting work upon. As this is quite a long project I don’t want to get too far ahead of myself so I have started off with a little teaser of a photo just of the structure of the stretcher and its shadow to give you an idea of how it may work, do you get the idea from this? Perhaps not, does it make it easier if I say that this stretcher will actually support the two separate canvases of a diptych? Well enough of that for now, as I say this is an image of the stretcher a couple of days ago, since then I have also built a second smaller version of it and have stretched them both so over the next few days I will have four new canvases to start painting.

That then deals with the first, almost traditional part of the process, the other part is of course how these paintings will work as installations. I actually envisage them, or at least the larger versions of them which I will probably start work on next week, as becoming sections of wall or perhaps columns. Framed paintings but with the nature of an architectural structure that either break up or work with the space which they enter. A lot of how this will work will be informed by the space in which they are to be installed in, indeed they may well change quite radically in relation to the space in question. Actually I am going to visit one of the spaces in which I will be exhibiting next week so I may have more to say about their future after that. If you have any comments or questions about these pieces please let me know, I would love to hear how people react to them.

Over the weekend I intend to return to looking at the Turner Prize 2011, so any thoughts or comments about that are also welcome.