Sometimes it’s just really so worthwhile to get up early. It’s funny, because of the hour change the other week the mornings are just like they were when I started here nearly seven weeks ago. Seven weeks, the time has really flown by, I think I have done a lot so far but I feel there is so much more I want to do before I go back, I’m really going to have to increase my work rate now. Who needs sleep! Anyway as you can see from the photo at the bottom of the post things have really changed since dusk last night, then we we’re back to living under a cloud again here, but a damned attractive one!

These photos are really starting to find a wat into my work now, not only as part of a new photographic portfolio, but also as influences in the painted work I am doing. As well as the large, sculptural spatial-paintings, I am also playing with a series of small, “objectlike” works. These also are a blend of painting and sculpture, but perhaps with a slightly heavier weight towards the painted surface; it is working out to be interesting to see where this project diverges and touches.

Anyway, as I’ve just said I need to increase my work rate, so I really need to get back to some. I’ve now got four more stretchers nearly ready to have the canvas just stretched on them. I say nearly ready as I still have some sanding to do of a couple of joints, probably my least favorite part of the process, but it all has to be done. tomorrow of course it’s back to the turner Prize on here; looking at the work of Karla Black.