Thanks to everybody who viewed and showed such an interest in yesterdays posting, it always proves to be very popular when I show and write about work from my portfolio on here. As I mentioned yesterday, working with these pieces has become part of an interesting thought process, one which I’m glad to say now appears to be spilling over into here and I intend to try to keep going in that direction today. The image above is a quick and very temporary fix of how the canvases may come together as an exhibition piece. There are actually many different ways in which these “modules” will work together and exploring their possibilities will be one of my main jobs over the next few days. I do intend to build more of them, I think that six will be the minimum that I will want to use in the final piece, maybe even going up to eight or twelve, but these four give me enough to think about and play with for now.

As I have said there are several ways in which these modules will fit together and as I progress with these experiments I will endeavour to post more images of the possibilities on here. It may take me a little while though, as I think I will photograph them several times and then try putting together composit images in photoshop, this should give me at least some feeling of how even more of them will work together. It would be could to hear more feedback as to how people think they look. I think one of the main things that attracts me to them in this configuration is the directional dynamic that they have when they are all positioned in this particular attitude.  With them all moving in the same direction, the negative spacing that occurs between them becomes as much a part of the pieces as the canvases themselves. They have a certain, Brancusi-like feel to them in this form, reminiscent of,  The Column of the Infinite (Coloana infinitului), perhaps, although I think that some of the combinations I will try will go off in quite different directions. It will be an interesting process.