I’ve had a good start in the workshop today, I’ve got a couple more stretchers on the way and a small sculpture, so I’m very pleased with the morning. The weather here is very windy and it is still very dark so I haven’t had the chance to take any photos yet, but this one from yesterday I think merits a showing. It does fade-out a bit on the white background but it should work well in a frame and a mount. I’ve just found out that some of my work will be in a studio exhibition in Manchester when I get back from here so I may well look at trying out some of my new photos there. I won’t post the detail for this just yet as they have a habit of changing at short notice, but I will post the dates and times in the next few days when I’m sure they are fixed.

I think the weather is actually getting worse here at the moment, dull, grey, rain and wind, but actually quite appealing. I would actually really like to take some photos in it but the rain is coming across horizontally so I would just be constantly cleaning my lens. But I may go out for a walk in it later, I’ve been spending so much time in the work shop for the last couple of weeks that I think I could probably do with a walk in the wind and rain to clear all the sawdust out of my system. Mind you it is actually getting wilder out there and I still have a lot of woodwork to do so maybe I should just wait until I’m finished and let it all be blown away in one go!

Before I finish just a quick reminder that I am returning to my weekend theme of the Turner Prize tomorrow with a look at the work of the painter George Shaw.