Well if anyone has been wondering where todays posting is, and I see some people have looked, it is here now, just somewhat delayed and I’m afraid shortened.  Today has been very different, I have spent the day working at Wexford Arts Centre, as visiting artist: giving a lecture there in the morning and then doing tutorials with final year degree students  at Wexford Art College in the afternoon. It has been a very enjoyable process all around and one which I think I got as much out of as the students seemed to. They have a really good set up here with the Centre and College really working together and supporting each other; it has been a pleasure to work with them toady and I am really looking forward to coming back to exhibit next year.

But as it has been a rather long and intense day I am going to leave this post at this and in way of apology I leave you with and hope you enjoy the photo of the beautiful sunrise over Enniscorthy a couple of days ago.