It’s another beautiful dawn here, it’s one of those places, some mornings are thick fog and then the next one it can be incredibly clear. When I came down to the studio this morning it was still completely dark except for a wonderfully clear array of stars, it’s a shame I couldn’t get a photo of them. So instead I’ve opted for this study of the straw bails in the shed just across the farmyard from me; with the early sun just reaching them over the Cow house roof top their colours are amazing; I particularly like the reflected light from their neighbours which illuminates the shadowed area of each of them.

This morning, in just over an hour in fact, we have a group of students coming on a visit to meet us and to look around the studios, like I said it’s been a busy time for visitors, I have seen the studios kept this tidy for so long before! It will be interesting to hear what they think about the work being made here, I think they are younger students that the one that we met with at Wexford last week  so they may have a different take on things, It has certainly been a different experience, I haven’t spoken to this many interested students since I was one myself.

Just as a final thing, I wanted to add this link to images of abandoned soviet monuments in the former Yugoslavia which Frank found, they are amazing, I would love to do some work referencing them. This is probably my personal favorate, but have a look at them all.