Above is my latest completed piece, Heaven and Earth, Diptych. It consists of a pair of miniature “spatial-paintings”, oil on canvas, back-to-back, set in a sculptural wooden frame. The form is the same as the one that I am currently working on for my large sculptural canvases, but here the piece becomes much more objectlike and tactile.

This is actually a very small piece by comparison, approximately a 17cm cube. Because of the pieces objecthood and the unusual expositional qualities it possesses; the fact that in can be displayed on any of eight sides, and that the two paintings are back-to-back on the same stretcher so that they can only be viewed one at a time, it invites the observer to pick it up and handle it, making it a rarity in the world of paintings.

This is one of the most important pieces which I have made whilst at the Cow House for several reasons,but mainly because it was conceived and made entirely whilst here, which for me makes it something of a time-capsule of my residency here. The title, Heaven and Earth, Diptych, refers to the way that the country here has heavily affected my working practice.

I feel that this is a very important piece in lots of ways for my work, it is so much part of the project which I am currently working on but also has so much potential of its own. I have tried so show as many of the pieces qualities in as few photos as possible, but if anyone would like to see more or to get more details of  Heaven and Earth, Diptych, please comment on here or email me on info@antonyclarkson.com .