Hello everybody. It has been an awfully long time since I was last here, and in that awfully long time an awful lot has happened! The sharp-eyed amongst you may have already noticed that the tag-line at the top of the page has altered; this blog started out as just a way to document my time as Artist in Residence at Cow House Studios in Ireland, but it now appears that I have now become a serial-artist-in-residence!

The other thing that you have probably noticed is the time index, once again I am out of the country ,actually  I’m sat in a lounge at Helsinki Airport. I’m just on my way out to start a new Artist Residency, but it isn’t in Helsinki, I’ve just stopped off here between flights: I am about to start a 2 month stay as Artist in Residence at the 501 Artspace in Chongqing, China. Like I said a lot has happened and is still happening and I will go into more details on another occasion, my time and web access is limited here, so onward.

In the time that I have not been blogging I have been working on my second residency, but this was a residency with a twist. I will go into more details in the coming weeks too, but the basis of it was that I won a  commission from Trafford College in Manchester to produce a permenant installation for the new main building of the college. it was not a project that I felt I could blog about at the time, but as it officially opened on 2nd May I feel that the time may now be right.

So anyway that tells you a bit about what I have been and am doing, hopefully  I will be able to blog alright when I get you China but you never know. Just watch this space and hopefully I will be able to act more details over the next few weeks, for now I must go, they are about to call my flight.