I am an artist, based in Manchester UK, who has exhibited both in the UK and in Finland. My practice is divers and spans drawing, painting, sculpture, photography and installation, sometimes as separate disciplines but sometimes disparate elements of each will come together in union in a piece. Much of my work is situation-specific and is inspired by the environment and objects which I find around me at any given time. Some of my work talks specifically about the nature of the art object, its status, explication and exposition. But I also like to think that there is a lightness of touch about my work; a striping away of any unnecessary elements, to remove any burdensome weight and also a lightness of approach which manifests itself as humour or play.

I was selected, along with three other artists from around the globe, to participate in this years artist residency at the Cow House Studios, Ireland,  which runs from 18th September until 27th November 2011. http://www.cowhousestudios.com/index.html

The object of the residency is to allow the artists space, time and support, to consider their practice isolated from the pressures of daily life; to consider what they do and why they do it. At the same time we to produce new work to be shown at exhibitions in Ireland in 2012:

Wexford Arts Centre http://www.wexfordartscentre.ie/

Monster Tuck Gallery Dublin http://monstertruck.ie/blog/?page_id=2

Dates to be confirmed.

I have started this blog primarily as a resource for myself but also to open up a forum of discussion about my practice, but also about contemporary art in general, where I will actively encourage people to view my work, both present and past and make comment on it. So if you have anything you want to say about what you see please leave a comment, idea or suggestion. I know I said that there is an element of isolation involved in this residency but lively debate is always welcome.

Antony Clarkson