This isn’t the way I’d planned to start todays post but once I’d seen it there really was no alterative, watch it full screen. Credit for finding it really goes to!/Guy_Garvey, “bloody amazing”, as he put it. Actually it does tie-in with some sketching I have been doing for a possible piece, in my case it actually involve a “murder” of crows wheeling over the fields nearby. I was fascinated by the images created as they moved and by the network of patterns formed as their wings overlapped, there were maybe a couple of hundred of them, but nothing on the scale of the video. I’m not sure if it will turn into some actual work or if they may just stay as sketches, but there is a possibility that they may find their way into some paintings which I am working on. Hopefully I should be able to put some images of these on here soon. That reminds me, if there are any of my previous pieces which I’m mentioned but not followed up on and you want to know more about let me know. Also I will be presenting another portfolio piece tomorrow; Reality Plus One, so look out for that too.

As I said, I changed the way that I had intended to start off todays post, it was my intention to start with one of my new photos of this mornings sunrise; hmm, that make it sound like I plan these things, but I’m sure you can tell, I don’t! Anyway, it’s been so beautiful and clear when I come down to the studio each morning that I am pretty much guaranteed a great display over the hills towards Enniscorthy and I wasn’t disappointed today. So rather than let it go to waste I’ve added it at the end. If it’s fine tomorrow I may have another crack at getting up that mountain, so I may have more new photos for Wednesday.