I’ve had a rather good weekend work wise, it seems as though lots of the different threads of my work here are now coming together into a single idea which entirely owes its existence to being on the residency here at the Cow House. As I mentioned on Day 51, when I featured the “Murmuration” video, one of the first things that interested me when I arrived here, in fact it was literally on the drive from the airport, were the flocks, or murders, of crows flying over the fields. Along side the paintings and sculptures I have been working on I have also continued sketching these birds in flight which have come to represent so much about how I feel and respond to the country and weather here. And I think that it is the juxtaposition of these sketches in my notebooks along side ideas about my diptych canvases which has allowed me to make the mental leap and combine the two projects.

Although I was thinking of combining the canvases in a regular, modular, way; I now begin to see them exhibited in a more diverse way spread around the space of the gallery, as individual pieces which still form part of a whole. I think this is not only a better way to observe them but it is a more relevent in terms of my current thinking.The canvases have so much movement as objects, this is even apparent in their rigid arrangement in the photo on Day 53,  and I think that is something I should really highlight in their final exposition.