Today I’ve finally had the chance to upload another of my new photos. This one hasn’t worked out quite as I want it yet, I may have to go out and retake it another evening, but the idea is certainly starting to happen. I really like the way that the trunks of the trees form a sort of  “gothic arch” and then the branches form the tracery across it. With the colour of the sky behind it starts to look a little like a stained-glass window. I think it is very much the kind of thing which I would like to start to explore in some drawings or paintings, I had a similar idea based on the crows over the fields, an image I had of them, their wings crossing in flight.

I’m going to be out off the studio for most of the day, I’m going to have a meeting with the people at Wexford Arts Centre where I will be exhibiting next year.  It’s a bit of a shame timing wise as I have this new idea for drawings and now my next three stretchers all finished and ready to put the canvas on, but I am really looking forward to going. It will be another, and probably better chance, to get a real feel for the space and to talk through its possibilities with the people there. I do have some ideas, variations on these canvases being one of the of course; and I am thinking about building one really bit canvas as an installation, so one of the things which I really must do whilst I am there is measure all the doorways to see exactly what I can get into the gallery. Of course as the exhibition is nearly a year off things could change quite a lot by then.