Yesterday was very interesting, I had a good look around at the gallery at Wexford Arts Centre and talk about what the possibilities for the work there next year are. I’m glad to say that they are really on top of everything and completely open to all kinds of ideas, it should make it a very interesting exhibition and I am very much looking forward to working with them on it over the next year. At the moment I am still considering what work I am likely to show there, the sculptural stretchers which I am currently working on are one definite possibility, but certainly not the only one. I am still very interested in the four columns which are in the space and I would very much like to do something in response to them, be it with the canvases or not. I do have a couple of brand new ideas which involve them, but it is far to early in the process to put too much about them on here as yet.

Of curse the four columns aren’t the only original features in the space, the three large stone windows down the front wall are also a dominant feature. These would originally have been open archways when this was the towns Cornexchange, basically a market hall. It may be that there is on only something in the columns but also in the windows, the relationship between the two or the history of the space; it certainly give me a lot to think about. I can see I have got several days thinking researching and sketching ahead of me, as well as working on the current pieces I already have on the go. This time at the Cow house has been so productive and such an eye-opener; I think it has changed the wat I work radically.!/wexfordarts