Day 70, ten weeks exactly. I’d like to start today by thanking everyone who looked at and commented on Heaven and Earth, Diptych, on Day 69, it is turning into a very popular piece and project. So, on with today’s posting, no Turner Prize this weekend, as it is my last weekend here I am just going to put some more of my own work and thoughts on here, I may return to the Turner Prize next weekend, I haven’t decided yet. One thing which I have decided on is that I will be continuing with this blog after I leave the  Cow House; it was originally started just as a project for here but now I have made new friends through it, it would be a shame to give it up.

My studio here is starting to look quite empty, I packed a lot of my stuff up for shipping yesterday so I now have just a few things like my computer here and of course the large “canvases” which will stay in Ireland for the exhibitions here next year. Actually I have a new piece which I, typically, started on just yesterday; above. It will be another form of sculptural canvas, this time based on the tetrahedron rather than the cube. As a form the tetrahedron has always fascinated me, I have looked at them in relation to previous pieces; I have an ongoing project involving a spherical canvas which is made up of tetrahedra in the same way that a geodesic dome is, that will hopefully make a future appearance on here too. The tetrahedron is actually a lot more complicated than it looks, all of the corner angles are of course 60°, which is problematic enough to work on when all carpentry tools are basically designed to work with right-angles, but the angles between the plains is not, that is actually about 70.5288°, now I don’t need to be quite that accurate, but if I don’t get close the whole thing will just not fit together, and that’s where the insanity lies!

Actually the thinking behind this piece has become something of a project by itself, I have got really into the idea that the tools I use are made essentially for working with right-angles and that I have to make adaptations to them to make these pieces and it is these adaptations which are also starting to interest me. What if they weren’t adaptations, what if we used the tetrahedron in our lives, and especially in our architecture, in the way we use the cube, then those tools would be designed appropriately and that is what I am starting to look at now. Not just redesigning tools to work with the tetrahedron but based around it too as they inevitably would be. Yes this one may just push me over the edge!