Day 4 Under the Cloud! It sounds like something from “Big Brother”! I didn’t think it was possible but the weather has closed in even more this morning, I couldn’t even see across the first field when I came down to the studio and I’m still hearing reports of how glorious the weather is back in the UK, typical! Still it does give me the opportunity to go out walking and take some interesting photos as I go. I took this one earlier, I love the way it has come out, but it took a lot of work to get the image of the foggy landscape into that hanging drop.

Well so much for the idea of going out walking and taking lots of photos, almost as soon as I set off the heavens opened and we have had torrential rain ever since. This means I have ended up back in the studio working on a piece on the computer. I did manage to get a couple of decent photos, although they aren’t really what I was planning to take. But once again the brilliant green of the Irish grass comes across, even on a misty day like this. I love the colours in this, they are in such stark  contrast to the almost monotone of the one above.