Not going to mention the weather, not even going to think about! The hottest October day since records began, I don’t like it that hot anyway! And also it’s not that often that you get a chance to take photos like these at 2:30 in the afternoon, is it. Ireland isn’t looking so  green today, it’s actually a very blue day.

As part of our residency program here the artists are taking part in a series of artist talks; tonight will be the first of  these and it is being presented by my fellow residency artist, Shiro Masuyama (Japan): . It promises to be very interesting, from what I know of his work so far we may have some similar themes in our work, although I know he tends much more towards video and performance than I do. I will also have to do one myself over the next week or so, so it will be interesting to see how he pitches and presents it tonight. It should be very interesting to do and I will be keen to hear what kind of feed back I get on my work from the other artists. It also means that in preparation for it I will have the chance to review some of my older work as I put the slide show and notes together; which will be really handy to help  me to decide which older work I should put on this site and as I desperately need to up date my website, it will help with that too! That’s; , have a look at it, but as I say it really needs updating.

I will introduce the other artists here as we each do our talks; its such a good mix of different artists, working in varied media and from many cultural backgrounds that the prospect is here for some really interesting and lively debates. This first round of them are just amongst the artists themselves, but I think there may be plans to involve some local art students. I will keep you posted as thing progress.