After my visit to the Wexford Arts Centre yesterday I have had a lot to think about today. Unfortunately I haven’t as yet been able to obtain the plans of the space which I would like to be able to refer to for this project and so I have spent a great deal of the day drawing up my own scale plans of the exhibition space, based on my photos from yesterday. These all have the windows and columns in their proper places so I can begin to consider what, if any relationships they may have which I can draw upon and exploit. At this moment in time I am not quite sure, the first immediate things which occur are the regularity of the spacing of each, along with the fact that both the windows and the columns both have their original stone on show as opposed to the rest of the space which is plastered and painted white. I will have to try to go back again, to think about it more the current exhibition finishes on Sunday 9th October and the next one doesn’t open until the 22nd, so perhaps I can arrange a visit while the space is empty; that will give me more space to think about things.

Because I have spent the day doing planning drawings I have once again chosen today to show the next piece of work from my past portfolio; 050612 is the painting which I did directly after 1-2-1, which I showed on Monday, and is taken directly from it. Whilst documenting 1-2-1, because of the extreme close-ups I was doing, some of the early photos where out of focus. I became interested in these  areas of hazy colour as they blended one into another and decided to do a series of large painting, (180 x 120 cm), based on these blurred details, which by now I was taking deliberately. So this is effectively the first piece of art that I had done which was using “art” itself as the theme. I became very interested in this idea, particularly in the world of painting; from Jeremy Lewison’s quote about Barnett Newman; “For Newman, however, the issue was not how to paint but what to paint.” to British Reflexive Painters in the 1990s, this became the core of my practise for some time and still influences the way I work.